Mechanic shop


Labor Rate: $90/Hr

For Calls on Clinton Lake for Repairs or Salvage is $180 Mininum

services we offer

Motor Swaps

Replacing or Rebuilding Carbs

Re-decking or Replacing Carpet/Vinyl

  • $125 Per Foot Carpet
  • $205 Per Foot Carpet and Replacing Wood
  • $150 Per Foot Vinyl
  • $230 Per Foot Vinyl and Replacing Wood

Pulling and Launching Boat

  • $45 Pulling boat if you store with us
  • $45 Launching boat if you store with us
  • $67.50 Pulling boat
  • $67.50 Launching Boat
  • Note that Pulling and Launching are seperate cost

Houseboat Pulls

  • $500 for pulling and launching houseboat
  • $900 for pulling then blocking the boat then launching

Trailer Work

  • $45 for every Bunk Board replacement plus Materials
  • Rewiring of trailer
  • Bearing and Axle Work
  • And More!

We do all work on all motors except Stringer and Chrystler Outboards

*Note that all prices are subject to change since most services are evaluated case by case basis